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The perfect interface for speaking with machines, developing intelligent avatars, and connecting with a new medium of conversational services.


Our conversational platform does not require an internet connection to operate, maintaining security and functionality in any situation. Keep your applications light and secure by deploying the SILVIA™ Core as an integrated runtime for engaging conversational applications on mobile, desktop, or custom embedded solutions.


A true polyglot, our technology can function in any language. SILVIA’S ability to be flexible in any form or context allows for genuine polyglot functionality, and our development tools have been localized to 35 different languages.


Out of the box, the SILVIA Platform easily integrates with Unity® application projects. With a small footprint, low processing requirements, graphic tools, drag-and-drop prefabs and scripts, and included example projects for VR/AR, games and 3D avatars, SILVIA™ makes it simple to bring conversational intelligence to any multimedia application.

Fast & Flexible

A scalable, efficient system for multi-user conversational intelligence. Whether over the web, a secure network, or for IVR applications, our language and domain independent solution gives you a comprehensive solution for the rapid deployment of engaging user experiences.