Voxagent Labs has deep roots in the games industry. Leslie Spring, the CTO and inventor of the SILVIA™ Platform, was previously a principle graphics and tools engineer for Electronic Arts, Sony, and the Walt Disney Company.

The team is focused on scaling Voxagent Labs and evolving the SILVIA Platform. Through private investment, they have put together a core team of accomplished professionals who are diligently working on the company’s go-to-market strategy.

Our Team

Leslie Spring

Founder & CTO

Leslie Spring founded Voxagent Labs in 2007 and is the inventor and architect of Voxagent Labs’s SILVIA Platform. Prior to founding Voxagent Labs, Leslie worked for companies such as Electronic Arts, Disney, and Sony to head up software development teams building graphics systems, 3D game engines, and custom software developer tools. For his work at Sony, Leslie has several patents in content management systems and media services architectures. More recently Leslie has patents issued and pending for his groundbreaking work in conversational intelligence at Voxagent Labs. Leslie is responsible for driving the vision of the SILVIA conversational AI technology into the present and future of computing applications.

Kerry Brix

VP of Business Development

Kerry Brix is Vice President of Business Development at Voxagent Labs. He is a hybrid thinker that combines creativity with pragmatic business solutions. His focus is in creating mutually beneficial business relationships with Global 2000 brands and leading digital agencies. He is focused on bringing SILVIA into mainstream business applications, entertainment, and smart products to demonstrate the benefits of intelligent human - machine interaction.

Phillip Bossant

Sr. Creative Manager

Phillip is a unique multi talented resource with broad experience. He builds designs, projects and teams, produces, leads, manages, and influences successful development. He contributes creative solutions on projects at any scale from small R&D efforts up to assisting large scale dev teams. He loves to be part of making designs, teams and work environments function at more positive capacities.

Jared Mayberry

Product Manager

Jared is a Blizzard Entertainment alumnus with roughly eight years of experience in Quality Assurance, Business Strategy, and Project Management. He graduated with a BA in Cognitive Psychology from the University of California, Davis. Utilizing his academic background and professional experience, he designs AI with a focus on both cognitive linguistics and user experience.

Aidan Lawrence

Engineer, Hardware/Sofware

Aidan is a hardware and software engineer with a background in video game development and education. Aidan's main focus at Voxagent Labs is to develop hardware to allow SILVIA™ to interact with Internet of Things (IoT) devices and other electronics. He's also a general-purpose engineer that handles software development and support for IoT focused products as well as day-to-day IT operations.